I dont find any direction or action or revival or planned approach in this government. We have to accept this government has failed miserably in all fronts. Nothing has done what was promised. They acted as typical Indian government. All mantras remains fake mantras. On whatever subjects - BJP has accussed of congress remains the same or they just changed the name of the policy. So they played cheap politics to come to power. I cant forgot how BJP stalled parliament for 365 days and make the congress government as non-functional. People are Masters; Time will test it.

Iam worried this will be another failure of BJP like in 2003 by Mr.Vajpayee. And we will again have to sustain only with Congress government and they wont have majority power in the house to perform any acts, despite having good policy makers.

Health Insurance - will be another scam or add to our fiscal deficit
Does we have to believe that insurance scheme is part of growth policy ? Should government offer quality government hospitals at free of cost/affordable price (or) spend on insurance policy ? Premium goes to whom ? Spent that amount in building infrastructure. I see this as a Election stunt. Also No action plan or clear budget for this was given in the budget and then why do you call it as budget ?

LTCG on shares ; But STT remains
As per economic policy we should not tax too much on long term investors as investment drives the economy and this taxation will be do spoiler game. Ok Ok ! LTCG is back but why STT (security transaction tax) remains here. Is it not double taxation ? Investor will get demotivated or would seek disorganised investment modes. We always should shatter the Investment branch much in the budget and that to at this stage of economic condition.

Government is on trend of increasing disinvestment, Yes! Congress have done this but why BJP should follow it. If government is not investing on industrial projects and create employments, should private enterprises always take responsibility ? Only MNCs are growing and growing. What is the benefit or SOPs given to them in this budget ?

Again and again, budget always strives for taxing more and more. Government should understand Tax is not the only revenue. Dividend received by government from his investment in many industries. Concentrate on Divided and nation will grow automatically.

And coming to expenditure - are they rightly spent as they claim ? We claim so much was spent on Defence - but we could not manufacture single pistol in India and we keep on importing. Now, it was also privatised at risky decision. Why there is no explanation from government on non execution of project budgeted in last year ?

More than blaming this government. There is no difference from the earlier government. Also this government lacks planned approach and practical understanding.

Either Congress or BJP will come to power in next year. But both wont get majority and then government will be handicapped again. We have to see repeated news of adjournment of parliament session.


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