I do welcome demonetisation and supported it to the core from my heart. I have fought against the negative reviews against it and support MODI for first time in my life during Nov 2016. But Am unhappy with my decision now. Why ?? This is my answer to all BJP Leaders who are propaganding the success of it.

1. When cash withdrawal are restricted in Nov and Dec 2016, How So much 2000 Rs was circulating among big people and also got confiscated. Who is responsible for this and who are got confiscated ? Where is Sekar Reddy ?

2. Why cash withdrawal after Dec 2016 are not monitored or controlled by the government through banks

3. Who are the people got arrested and confiscated for holding black currency or depositing more cash ?

4. Why you didnt touch real estate, gold segment so far. Most proportion of black money are in forms of Realestate and Gold. Thus also belongs to rich people. As per statistics, only 8% of black money are estimated in forms of bank notes which are predominantly hold by middle class people and small level businessman. Why you touch the notes first and scary to touch gold and real estates

5. Don't beat on your chest that you have suceeded. Prove us that you have really suceeded.

6. Why you are not prepared for demonetisation with cash trays for ATM, software configuration for ATMs. Who will be responsible for public agony ?

7. For everything we need to link our aadhaar. Then why not for voter id ? Are you scared of losing the control on voting scams

8. Who is controlling the currency ? RBI or Central Government ? If its central government, then sorry we are in wrong & scary path.

9. We dont need the world bank report telling us the ease of business ranking has improved. In real life, I dont see any improvements as such. Still we are paying bribes at every office. Only Bhakths will say the corruption has gone away in BJP Period. The Corruption is not only related with political parties. It need to be rooted out at bureaucracy level, right from IAS officer to clerk

10. If you are really doing good economic governance, then why did Modi establish the Economic Advisory Committee again (which was dissolved after MODI came into power)

11. Why did BJP didn''t come and stop the Ambani to use the MODI image for promotion of JIO. The way JIO is doing business is against Competition Commission rules and it taking out competitors out of business. Reliance, Aircel, Tatasky are already shutting down their business. Why didnt government intervene and stop the unethical business practices followed by  JIO ?

12. How GST rates and Old Service tax rates are same ? Service tax rate was 12% once, You slowly increased to 14%, then to 14.5% and to 15% ; Now to 18% with GST. Only Bhakths will argue with out sense that the rates are same pre & post GST. The rate of single tea has gone up to 10Rs. from 8Rs. It wont come down at any case. GST has induced the inflation and we need to agree.

But I whole heartedly praise MODI for his bold decision to announce demonetisation. No one has guts to say that.

PS: Please don't highlight corruption and policies at congress period. Iam against them aswell. Pointing out other bad guy will not turn a bad guy to pure.


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