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People are finding hard to do daily transactions with denomination of 2000 and also 500's are not sufficient enough in circulation. Government has launched 2000 instead of 1000 to infuse digital economy and defuse the cash economy. But Government has misunderstood the economic paraters despite warning by former RBI Governor - Mr.Rajan. Our nation is still not capable with sufficient infrastructure and also digital systems are not secure. Government has failed to listen to (asusual) or care about this, before launching demonetisation in this agricultural based and wide demographic nation.

Also almost the entire currencies demonetised (even more than that including fake currencies) has returned back to RBI and then where the mission of government in curbing black money has gone. Either government missed to execute the demonetisation properly or it should be an political stunt for votes & fame. But the cost paid by the common public for the fault of upper class people & businessman is not justified or justifiable !

Now, Government has silently reversed his decision and launched 1000Rs notes in recent time. The circulation of 2000Rs has reduced and they are infusing the 1000Rs. more and more. Also Mr.Arun Jaitely was silent in parliament and have note responded clearly to the question of whether the 2000Rs are going to demonetised. But the way things are moving up, we can expect the 2000 Rs. to be silently & secretly demonetised by the government. Because this government will not accept it's failure with beating on his chest and also they wont announce it public citing the recent assembly elections in many states. 

Finally ! when it comes to politics, the vote matters more than public.


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GST has completed its second financial year and there are certain critical issues we have faced while compiling GSTR-9 for 2017-18. So it is necessary to be consider following critical areas by the taxpayers on or before 30 September 2019. 1. Any Amendment of Invoices or Credit Note relating to Financial Year 2018-19. The Invoices related to last financial year uploaded in GSTR-1 cannot be amended or altered later filing the GSTR-1 for the month of Sep 2019. Any corrections to be done has to be taken care now. Otherwise we would face mismatches while compiling the GSTR-9 for 2018-19 2. Any differences between Books and 3B Return has to be adjusted (increase or decrease) before September The difference between 3B and Books or any errors in 3B returns has to be corrected in the forthcoming 3B returns for the month of August and September. If the corrections are not done, we would face differences while compiling GSTR-9 for 2018-19 and it would create differential tax liability and unwan…


As per recent notification, every person holding DIN (Director Identification Number) has to file Form DIR-KYC to update the KYC data of each directors. This practice of filing this form is to be continued year on year as explained by government to have curb on inactive and bogus directors on records.

The due date was filing was extended to 15th September 2018 from 31st August 2018

- The form has to be digitally signed by Director and Practising Professional

- If form is not filed, the DIN will become inactive and it would effect the continuance of directorship in any companies.

- DIN can be activated by filing KYC form by paying late fee of Rs.5000/-


I dont find any direction or action or revival or planned approach in this government. We have to accept this government has failed miserably in all fronts. Nothing has done what was promised. They acted as typical Indian government. All mantras remains fake mantras. On whatever subjects - BJP has accussed of congress remains the same or they just changed the name of the policy. So they played cheap politics to come to power. I cant forgot how BJP stalled parliament for 365 days and make the congress government as non-functional. People are Masters; Time will test it.

Iam worried this will be another failure of BJP like in 2003 by Mr.Vajpayee. And we will again have to sustain only with Congress government and they wont have majority power in the house to perform any acts, despite having good policy makers.

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